Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can you tell I'm back to school?

I have a few minutes to write, but no time to post pictures. There's been plenty going on here. We went to a lakehouse in Dallas with the Killians a couple weeks ago, Matt worked REALLY hard on a change of command at work (he got GREAT compliments, which we both hope helps with his upcoming assignment!), and I survived the return from Spring Break:)

Next up, Matt has started another master's class; just three more to go, I think. He should finish before we leave WF. I have a few more major events to finish up the year in Kindergarten: a Texas rodeo this Friday (complete with butter churning. bean aproning, horseshoe throwing, and lassoing -yes, lassoing...did i mention plenty of live animals?), Q and U wedding (really), take 16 kinder-kiddos (no longer 20, yay!) to a concert (um, right...good thing a couple parents are coming) and a public park (wait, how many kids have to go to the bathroom?!?), a kindergarten program (on stage), and graduation. Whoo!

We'll be home May 6-9th for the wedding. See you sometime!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Play, please

Here are Matt and I playing "camp" a few years ago. I think it was the first spring after we'd moved into our apartment. We opened up all the windows and slept in our sleeping bags in the living room. We sure are kids at heart. I think that's why we don't feel ready for our own.

I am now constantly thinking about what the future holds for me. I am trying to focus on now and trust in the future instead of angst for it. Whatever it is, I'm convinced it must include these elements: play, nature, children... I could list more, but these are the essence of it all, which is a remarkable combination of what I went to school for both in the beginning of college and what I got my degree in. If I could somehow marry environmental passions with children, home, and play, that would be amazing. Is there anybody out there who might be interested in paying me for that?

The other day, though, I thought the only thing I should consider seriously spending my time on is that which I would do even if I would never get paid for it. Thankfully Matt's salary is enough for us. I really don't want any more money, so I'm not sure why I get so wrapped up in getting paid for what I want to do. That is really just the world's expectations, which is a far cry from where I want to be. Two organizations that have my attention -and have had it for a while- are MovNat and Healthy Child Healthy World. Both now have a place on the sidebar to the right. Here is a Sesame Street video,an ode to MovNat, which I thought would cheer you up and get you outside. It made me dance a little right in my living room.

(The video is on the MovNat site. I can't figure out how to save the You Tube video or upload it to the blog. If you know, please send help:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

February showers bring march flowers

Spring is here and the flowery trees are blossoming! I'm so glad it's only Tuesday of break. Today I spent over two hours working out. I even got to go enjoy the sunny skies by the river and do one of my favorite things...grocery shop:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy day

Matt convinced me we needed a birthday cake for Dad. Happy 51st birthday, Dad! We miss you and love you! Heaven must be wonderful.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring break!

It is officially spring break here and I am thrilled! Actually, I was super excited/anxious for spring break to arrive earlier this week. I could hardly stand the wait. Strangely, by yesterday I felt like surely we would just keep going to school without spring break or even a weekend. The weekend has arrived though, and Monday is sure to be a pleasant change:)

Hopefully I can figure out a few things about work over the break. My "resignation" is now official and I need to figure out how to tell my coworkers. To tell the truth (and basically point the finger at my boss)? Or tell the airy, fluffy, make-everyone-feel-good version of the truth (my boss' suggestion)? The good news is my district mentor (who has observed my classroom many times) told me he believes I "can teach any grade kindergarten on up and do great!" He said I got a bad hand this year. That combined with us leaving sometime in the next year or so "made it easy for her to make this decision".

Anyways, it is what it is. What I really want to do now is listen and let Him lead me.

Monday, March 01, 2010

We are spoiled

It is early in the morning and I am feeling contemplative. Outside I see the rain swooping down through the glow of the street light. I peer across our living room and remember our new "high-tech" (for us at least) set up.

About a month ago we Craig's-Listed our old TV and purchased a shiny new flat screen. The entertainment redo didn't end there. Last weekend we decided to set up the computer in the living room, using the TV for its monitor, just to see if we liked it. Well, we did! And because we don't like to get up off our hind ends, this weekend we found ourselves buying a wireless keyboard to go with the wireless mouse we already had. Now we can watch TV, view Netflix movies and shows, pay bills, and research anything on the internet all from the comfort of our couch.

On my contemplative morning, I think back to my first computer experience. The first thing I can remember is around 3rd grade, doing typing games. The whole goal of those "video games" was to type faster so you could get the rabbit to its carrot more quickly...and boast about having the speediest fingers in class. I LOVED typing! I also remember, of course, the adventure of Oregon Trail and all the memories therein. How else does a child learn about things like dysentary and how much a pound of coffee cost a century or two ago?
I also remember my best friend Ashley Pifer getting a computer in 5th or 6th grade. She was allowed to miss school the next day scott-free because getting a family computer was such a new and exciting thing. It didn't take long for every family on the block to be expected to have a computer, and eventually we got one, too. By that time, though, you couldn't miss school just because you got a computer anymore.

Twenty years ago no one would have thought our living room scenario possible. It's amazing how quickly things change. The other scary thing is, what we've done isn't even that "new" anymore. The current technology is far past a computer hooked to a TV. Who knows where things will be in a year? Okay, contemplativeness done. It's just food for thought anyway. And even moreso now that I'm reminded I'm not even typing on the big screen computer/TV. I'm using the laptop, which now finds its home on the "office side" of the bedroom.
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