Thursday, November 29, 2012

Full to the brim

I'm full to the brim here, folks. I just tried to post pictures from my and Husband's recent (and incredible!) trip to Thailand.  Blogger informed me I am at maximum capacity though, one full gigabyte of words and pictures, so much of my story of the past four and a half years.  

I could pay monthly for additional storage space.  My most immediate thought was to just begin a new blog -whammo!- one more gigabyte to fill as I wish.  In that moment though I simultaneously realized I am ready to be done.  

This blog has been a great space for me to reflect and share.  It has been wonderful for my heart to process and create here.  I have learned so much about myself, my God, and HTML!  I am filled with gratitude for the record of thoughts here that would not otherwise exist.  Thank you for visiting me here; you have been a wonderful encouragement to me.

Ending this personal blog will help me focus more on the professional one I'm still working to develop.  It is a process that ebbs and flows, but one that really makes my heart beam.  Come over any time to Joy Before You, the place at which I'll be writing and sharing exclusively now.
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