Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Recent history

Our days have been in a whirlwind lately! We can hardly tell up from down from sideways. It all started about a month ago when I got a call with a job offer. I had interviewed for a 4th grade teacher position at Tower Elementary. After waiting all weekend to hear back from the principal, I got a call late on a Monday night. She let me know that they gave the 4th grade job to someone with 4th grade experience, but she was pretty sure they would have a kindergarten job for me. She would find out the next day and call me right away. Late the next morning I got a call from the district office asking me to come in to fill out some paperwork. The principal said this might happen. When I got there and found out it was new hire paperwork, I had to ask the office gal to make sure I really had the job! They checked and it was for sure, but I still didn't get to confirm with the principal until later that evening. New Teacher Orientation began the very next morning!! I spent three full days in training, finally got keys to my classroom, spent another week in training, and have spent more "quality time" in my classroom than I care to admit.

This is the way my classroom looked at first. I had to take everything out of everywhere, clean a ton, and figure out the best way to organize a bagillion things. If you paste these all together, you should have a good 360 degree view.

I promise to take pictures soon to show you how it looks now.

It has been quite the upset around here to have me working full time again. We got pretty use to the convenience of having me here to run errands, do housework, etc, etc. We are readjusting, and still having fun though.

Matt is officially an MTO (Military Training Officer) for the 80th OSS (Operational Support Squadron) now, in addition to PTL and Fantasy Football Coordinator (his latest and most loved new job -not!). He has started his Master's classes again, but has more left than he cares to discuss.

We got to go to the lake this weekend, and have hopes to start camping again now that it's beginning to cool off a touch.

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts for us. We love you all and are already dreaming about coming home for Christmas!
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