Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend in Fort Worth

So Courtney's mom has a friend with a house in Fort Worth, which he is trying to sell. We are not prospective buyers, but he let all of us stay there anyways. We went mid-March, over a weekend during my spring break. It actually snowed again that weekend, at which point I stopped counting how many snows we've seen in Texas this winter (certainly a winter to remember). This is the house, located on Lake Worth, just 10 minutes outside the city. There's actually a highway going over part of the lake, which is really odd. While it wasn't swim weather by far, it was still a nice retreat from The Falls.

It was a very nice lakehouse. However, there was this semi-creepy metal mariachi band in the front yard. They seemed to stare at you when you looked out at them from the front door. It was like they were the other group of people staying at the house with us, a touch strange.

Something strangely unstrange these days as plant pots. This is not the first time I have seen a huge pair of ceramic boots with viney things growing from them. I don't quite see the appeal, but whatever. Texans like their boots; that's for sure! Recently, (during our Texas unit at school) I learned there are even certain kinds and brands of boots that people prefer, that you're expected to have growing up, and that even if you don't use the boots, you're still supposed to have them just in case...or for special occasions.

We got into playing solitaire while we were there. Here's Matt trying to avoid having his picture taken again. It's not that he cares about getting his picture taken, it's just that he likes to give me a hard time. He knows I want to take his picture, therefore he won't let me. Isn't that what marriage is about afterall? ;)

Or maybe it's about getting the picture anyways because you did it discretely when they weren't looking! Oh, I'm just kidding! Sort of.

James' and Courtney's dog Sammy. He came upstairs with us as we were looking around the house. We forgot him up there in the dark. Not long later he came tumbling down the stairs. We had forgotten about his severe cataracts. He had started to come down the stairs, but missed or something. Matt saw it happening, but couldn't get to him fast enough. He fell down nearly the whole flight! Dogs are resiliant though. Upon landing, he bounced right back to his usual self.

And here's Connor, the cutest little thing I know. This is him brushing his teeth.

And loving every minute of our undivided attention. He would do this little dance, shaking his hips. Too cute!

Connor and Courtney, who is presently preparing for baby number two, due in the late fall.

Sweetest thing! He calls everyone "Mommy" now, which is both cute and eventually annoying:)

Matt and me enjoying the weekend away. Also, since it was freezing that weekend, we wore our coats the whole time we were in the house. Potential buyers beware, this house is hard to keep warm! Really though, we had a great time. If they don't sell it, maybe we'll go again when we can use the lake. More than anything though, this house reminded us of the cottage. We miss Up North so much, and this solidified our plan to buy a cottage of our own one day. Please send donations to 530 7th Street.....:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A slip of the tongue

Funny story...

...Yesterday at school I was letting two students help me sort these puzzle games to put in the puzzle center. I had already told them they needed to have their tables cleaned before they could help. I was about to let one of the students get started helping, but I looked up and noticed his table was not yet clean. Before I could stop myself, I said, "First go clean that crap off your table." He realized my mistake immediately of course. As I began apologizing profusely, he announces to all who will listen, "Mrs. Keilen said the 'k' word!" I responded, "Actually, it's a 'c' word..."
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