Wednesday, December 08, 2010

So much to share, so little time

I have been wanting to write more lately to share our adventures with you, but the time keeps slipping away. And I probably won't be here much anytime soon as I will be spending as much of the next 11 days as possible with one of our favorite families -the Killians- as they are moving to Shreveport, LA and we are going to be lost without them. I probably won't be back on here until after they move. It's so sad to have a good friend move away, but I will save the story for later.

For now, I couldn't help but sneak on here to share with you a funny moment from last night. My husband Matt is becoming quite "choosy" as he grows older, as I suppose all men do. I think it is just striking me lately with the way he cares about little things that sometimes even I don't care about.

Matt likes drinks. Now, I don't mean he likes alcoholic drinks, even though he does. What I'm talking about is the fact that he'd rather drink anything else than water.

The man also eats! He was not a fan of this particular meal...

He's always asking for this tea, that juice, or this pop from the grocery store. I, on the other hand, drink water 99% of the time so I usually don't even notice when we are low on said drinks.

Yesterday while I was out I went to CVS to get the certain tea, and then over to United to get other groceries. We were having company and I do like to make my hubby happy, so the contents of my cart included cream soda, beer, chocolate milk, and wine in addition to the favorite tea from the previous store. Hours later, after dinner, we are relaxing on the couch and I mention something to Matt (who has already had a tea, a beer, and now is on to a cream soda) about the drink selection in the frig. Wide-eyed and excited he says something like, "Yeah, I know! I opened the frig and there was so much to choose from I didn't know what to do!" Me: "So you decided you'd have one of everything?" Him: "Yeah, pretty much." And then the biggest grin.

Matt's best day ever.

He also added that the assortment of miniature candy bars for dessert was also "just right". Oh, it's the little things:)
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